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    How to unban your JTAG with a USB


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    How to unban your JTAG with a USB

    Post  HackTheMod on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:13 am

    Ok first you need to get the latest version of xbr and you can do this by downloading this:- 3ZIVTKIB

    And following these instructions

    put the .bin file and Flash360 folder in the root of the usb (Whateverletter:\)
    make sure you back up first when promted, then Write updflash.bin to Nand file,
    then Press a you keep the kv/config files, then press a and wait until you need to
    exit then shut down and turn off your machine, press the eject button and the
    middle light should not light up (this is normal) then the ring will glow and do
    the fade in and out thing (this is also normal) you will then have your drive open
    with the lights off (again normal) and a blue screen will pop up ( Lines 4 and 5 are your CPU key !!!TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM!!!!!! you now have
    the files

    Once you have done this you should shutdown the machine (auto normally)and leave for 10 seconds!!! Once 10 seconds is up unplug the power cable and put it back in (this resets the machine) and press the eject button! Now follow the instuctions provided!

    Once you have got your CPU key and 1BL code, note them down!.

    Now you should have files CPU.txt and 1BL.txt, open 360 Flash tool G65V5LNW

    And follow these instructions carefully:-


    1) Open up the BANNED/ORIGINAL nand in 360 Flash Tool
    2) Click on "Keys" at the top of the program and input the CPU key for that nand, click OK.
    3) Reopen Banned Nand and it will show all the info.
    4) Click "Import"
    5) import kv_dec.bin
    6) It will ask to save, I Always save it as EDIT01.bin
    7) Open EDIT01.bin in 360 Flashtool
    Cool Click "Patch" and Check "Patch Key Vault". Change DVD to your original DVD-Key and Change OSIG to your Drivetype. Save Nand Image if prompted.
    9) Save as Un.Banned.Nand.bin
    10) Use nandpro to extract the keyvault(and config if you want) using the usual commands with the new Un.Banned.Nand.bin
    nandpro Un.Banned.Nand.bin: -r16 rawkv.bin 1 1
    nandpro Un.Banned.Nand.bin: -r16 rawconfig.bin 3de 2
    11) get the xbr version for your motherboard. and put it in the same folder as Un.Banned.Nand.bin & nandpro, rawkv.bin, rawconfig.bin
    12) I always rename this file as updflash.bin for use with 360Flash
    13) Inject those blocks into updflash.bin
    nandpro updflash.bin: -w16 rawkv.bin 1 1
    nandpro updflash.bin: -w16 rawconfig.bin 3de 2
    Then flash with 360Flash using the "B" button install for a different keyvault.

    You need NandPro! I0D84ECU

    If any error pop-up please pm me

    This is for USB ONLY!!! NOT CABLE

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