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    How to apply patches to xex's


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    How to apply patches to xex's

    Post  HackTheMod on Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:17 am

    This is a quick tut on applying patches to xex files as putting title updates in the "Cache" folder won't work.

    You will need:

    •Le Fluffie

    •XEXTool (inc .bat files)

    •The title update you want to apply

    •The original .xex

    To do this you will need to download the title update from sites such as xbox360iso or from a unbanned xbox. The will be in the "Cache" folder.

    You also need to extract a untouched .xex from the ISO/Disc

    Download and drag the folder from the XEXTool zip folder to your desktop.

    Open the title update in Le Fluffie, click on the Contents tab and extract the .xexp files and put them in the XEXPatcher folder on your desktop.

    Now extract the xex from your ISO/Disc and put it in that folder.

    To patch the xex simply double-click the "Patch default.xex.bat" or "Patch default_mp.xex.bat"

    All done, now remove the limits as usual and launch with XeXLoader.

    Optional command if the .bat didn't work:

    xextool -p default.xexp default.xex

    Sorry if this doesent go into detail too much . Reply any Questions you have

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