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    How to Mod Your Gamertag On MW2 with USB Flash Drive


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    How to Mod Your Gamertag On MW2 with USB Flash Drive

    Post  customxxgunner on Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:25 am

    Honestly, I think this is easier than the transfer cable way, because it is easier to move around and you can use the flash drive for other things other than modding.

    First you are going to want to download these programs -

    (FIRST!) Win Rar -

    USB Xtaf Xplorer - ?mttmljdmyig

    EZGT Final -

    Modio -

    Second you are going to need a USB Flash Drive

    (Mine is a 4GB which is plenty)

    Next you are going to need to plug it into one of the USB ports on the Xbox 360 (try each one, will work)

    How you will know it works is you will go to Console Settings-Memory

    Then go to your USB Flash Drive and hit Configure.(MUST DO!)

    Then go to your Hard Drive or wherever your profile is located on any of your memory units.

    Go to Gamer Profiles and click on your profile

    Click Move

    Then move it to your USB Flash Drive

    It will show a loading screen, wait until it is done.

    Unplug you USB Flash Drive and plug into a USB port on your computer or laptop.

    Open USB Xtaf Xplorer

    Hit –File-Open Drive then it will say Root.

    Click on Root-Content-Your Profile, then keep clicking until you come to your plain profile

    Drag it to your Desktop (Windows Vista and 7 users, disable UAC…look it up)

    Open EZGT Final

    Then click the icon in the top left corner and hit Open.

    Go to files on your Desktop and find your profile and open that

    Go to the Add tab at the top and make it whatever you want (still 15 characters)

    Go to the Icon in the top left corner again and click save and save it as text

    Save it to your Desktop.

    Go to your Desktop and you should see the modded folder

    Open that folder up until you come to the modded profile

    Open up Modio

    When Modio is fully loaded, drag the modded profile into Modio

    Click Rehash and Resign, wait for it to say Xbox 360 Dashboard in the bottom left corner, then close Modio.

    Take the modded folder on your desktop and drag it into the content folder on USB Xtaf Xplorer

    Close USB Xtaf Xplorer, and unplug your USB Flash Drive and plug it back into your Xbox 360.

    Make sure you are not signed in to any profiles, and play MW2.

    Go to the Multiplayer Menu without doing anything else.

    Hit Xbox Live and it will ask you to sign in

    Sign in on the modded profile

    Then hit Xbox Live again, it will ask you to sign in again.

    Sign in on the profile you chose to mod (it will only work for that one).

    Then go on live and you might get an error message just hit okay and then go onto Live and look up in the right corner where your Gamertag is and it will be modded.

    Any questions ask on here or PM me. Thanks. Took me 4 hours to do this.[/b][/center]

    AZ xBeastx

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    Re: How to Mod Your Gamertag On MW2 with USB Flash Drive

    Post  AZ xBeastx on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:31 am

    You should of just posted a video

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